Android Zero Touch Enrolment

Android Zero-Touch Enrolment with Laubner

We offer straightforward setup and provisioning of company-owned Android devices.

Zero-touch enrolment allows multiple Android devices to be provisioned simultaneously. Thus, the devices are available to employees even more easily.

Simplified Device Setup

Your IT can deploy corporate-owned devices in greater numbers without requiring manual setup of each individual device, thanks to zero-touch enrolment. Users simply take the device out of the box and are able to use it directly after the automatic setup. Device management, apps and configurations are automatically assigned. A connection to Google is needed.

Individual Device Management

The IT team is able to take over management immediately, as the management app is automatically installed during setup.

Android Enterprise Device Reseller Laubner

Official Android Device Reseller and Zero-Touch Enrollment Partner

We are official Google Partner as: 

Device Reseller

Partner that offer Android device procurement and Android Enterprise zero-touch enrollment services.

Data Sheet - Android Zero-Touch Enrollment (.pdf)

Requirements for Zero-Touch enrolment

The devices need to be purchased thorugh us, the authorised Android device reseller. We then support you with Zero-Touch enrolment.

Ready to go in just a few steps:

  1. The devices are purchased from us. We set up your account for Zero-Touch enrolment.
  2. You can then assign configurations to your devices via the Zero-Touch online platform.
  3. It is possible to configure your Enterprise Mobility Management policies in a way that meets your organisation's needs.
  4. When the device is switched on, it is automatically registered with EMM and the policies are applied.

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