Fetch100 Flex

FlexShelf & FlexShelf Guide AMR
FlexShelf & FlexShelf Guide AMR

Fetch100 Flex Series

Revolutionize order fulfillment with Fetch100 Flex

The Fetch100 Flex Series line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is part of a new end-to-end order fulfillment solution developed by Zebra Technologies and Fetch Robotics.

With the Fetch100 Flex Series joining our growing portfolio of AMRs, Zebra now offers the most comprehensive vision of solutions you need to digitize and automate your fulfillment operations, including single and batch picking, case picking and pallet picking.

Key Benefits

  • Fetch100 Flex is 50% faster and can handle 67% more capacity than other "swarm" based AMRs
  • Compatible with handheld, voice and vision systems for improved worker collaboration and efficiency
  • Optimize collaborative picking across multiple orders by dynamically matching workers and robots
  • Reduce the impact of labor shortages by increasing worker productivity and efficiency while reducing training time

Product Features

  • Max. Speed 1,75 m/s
  • Maximum load up to 75 kg
  • Interactive, glove-friendly and multilingual touchscreen
  • Integrated barcode scanner and NFC reader
  • USB hub for connecting your own peripherals
  • Adjustable shelves with larger capacity for a variety of totes, bins and boxes
  • Open shelf design allows loading and unloading on both sides of the robot
FlexShelf & FlexShelf Guide AMR
FlexShelf & FlexShelf Guide AMR

Fetch100 Flex Highlights

Uncompromising security, now supported by machine learning

Fetch100 Flex and the latest Zebra Symmetry fulfillment software package introduce Zebry Symmetry™ Insight, an advanced safety feature that enables Zebra AMRs to identify forklifts and pickers for dynamic hazard avoidance.

This capability is enabled by cloud-based machine learning algorithms on AMR sensor data.

In fast-paced omnichannel warehouse environments, forklifts, humans and robots may traverse the same aisle at the same time. With FetchSight, Zebra AMRs detect a forklift and avoid driving into its path. Robots can also detect pickers and automatically navigate to avoid entering an elevated picker's blind spot.

2 Models Designed Specifically for Your Individual Requirements

Fetch100 Flex Guide

Fetch100 Flex Guide

Fetch100 Flex Guide Dual

Fetch100 Flex Guide Dual

Important Workflows


Order Picking


Assembly & Quality Assurance


ASRS Introduction


Instant Orders


Returns Processing

Consulting and Service

As a renowned system and development company, we offer you cost-efficient end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your needs, from consulting and configuration through to the procurement of all required components.