Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers

Where to store your devices when you don’t need them? We know where: in smart cabinets designed for your hardware.

Lost or uncharged devices typically cause disruption to daily operations. Not only do they consume time, but they also cost money if replacement devices have to be purchased or if work processes are adversely affected by broken devices.

It is therefore key to store hardware in a space-saving manner in a secure place, where it can be charged effortlessly. This is what smart lockers are for. They allow you to see at a glance if all devices were placed at the correct location at the end of a shift. They are perfectly suited for tablets, mobile computers, scanners and other mobile devices. And thanks to their integrated charging technology, charging has never been easier.

We offer smart cabinets for industrial and office use – always tailored to your needs.


Intelligent Cabinets from Zebra

Optimize the storage, availability, tracking and management of your organization's mobile devices with Zebra's intelligent cabinets to use devices more efficiently and increase employee productivity. Zebra's intelligent cabinets ensure high performance and optimal security when assets and workflows interact. This enables acceleration of operational processes in warehousing, transportation, logistics and retail.


Intelligent Cabinets from Zioxi

zioxi's smart furniture products are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of technology. The innovative, state-of-the-art designs provide solutions for charging, integrating, securing and controlling IT and AV technology in charging carts, cabinets, desks and tables. Solutions that enable the most advanced work and learning spaces to perform at their maximum, always ready, always technology-enabled.

Consulting and Service

As a renowned system and development company, we offer you cost-efficient end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your needs, from consulting and configuration through to the procurement of all required components