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LaubnerCare Print & Supplies

Key Benefits:

Print labels quickly and without any effort

Pay only as much as you actually consume

Get the perfect consumables for your individual needs

Native printer control by Laubner

Individual solutions from a single source - tailored to your needs

Create individual, unique and application-oriented labels

LaubnerCare PayPerPage

As experts in the field of printers and their consumables, we are able to offer you PayPerPage. You don't pay separately for printers, service and consumables; the costs are simply based on the quantity of your print jobs. 

Your advantages: You pay exactly as much as the printer is actually used. A printer that is only used a little should also cost less than a printer that is in continuous use and therefore requires more maintenance. With Laubner® Care PayPerPage we offer you the possibility of a fair price calculation that can be easily estimated.

Layouts that speak your printer's language

Almost every label printer speaks a different language. There is no standardisation as known from office printers with e.g. HP PCL or PostScript. Thus, it is a problem for many ERP systems to optimally control label printers or even to get a driver for them.

Printing Consumables

We create the layouts in the language of your printer, optimised for best printing and lowest data volume. If, for example, you want to print labels directly from SAP via SAPScript or ABAP, we provide you with the layouts in ITF format - quickly and inexpensively.

Labels with individual print

We deliver both small and large quantities of labels with individual imprint according to your specifications - produced readymade. We provide you with the know-how, the perfect technology and the best material to produce labels and other printed products quickly, flexibly and in the best quality. If you want to save on the purchase of a label printing system for cost reasons or if your workload is too low, we will be happy to produce serial labels for you for any type of labelling:

Laubner Care Print and Supplies
  • Inventory
  • Archiving
  • Logistics
  • Storage bin labels / Storage bin identification and signs
  • Type plate serial numbers
  • Marketing labelling
  • Parcel labels
  • Container identification
  • Packaging labels
  • Plastic and metal labels

There's no such thing? Let's do it!

Since the company was founded, it has been a particular concern of ours to find solutions to problems where our customers were previously forced to improvise. This has already resulted in a number of innovative solutions. Here you can see an overview of our special solutions to date:

Laubner Care Print and Supplies


A wholesaler picks using labels as commissary receipts. He wanted special attention when a customer is standing at the counter waiting for his goods. With sometimes more than 1,000 orders daily, the pick-up order should be treated with priority 1 in the warehouse. We developed the PrintCall module. With it, an optical (beacon) and acoustic (horn) signal was output via the label printer. From this, the employees in the warehouse can immediately recognise: Priority 1 - collector.

Laubner Care Print and Supplies

Horizontal ribbon saving device

A chemical company has to provide its products with batch labelling when they are filled. However, the labels are pre-printed ready to use. A thermal transfer printer can solve this problem perfectly. But to print only a small batch number on a huge label, an enormous amount of ribbon is wasted. We upgraded a Toshiba thermal transfer printer with a horizontal ribbon saving device. Vertically, they could do it without us.

Laubner Care Print and Supplies

Printhead heater

A customer wanted to operate a printer for delivery notes directly in a deep-freeze warehouse at -26°C. This is not possible. There is no printer that is suitable for this according to the data sheet. We lent a hand and there was a solution. We modified a Zebra 220Xi thermal printer and equipped it with an internal heater for the printing elements; it could be used in the cold store without a protective housing.

Solutions for Your Company

As a renowned system and development company, we provide you with economical complete solutions according to your individual needs - from consultation and configuration to complete equipment with all necessary components.