biometrische Authentifizierung mit dem Nymi Armband
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In the world of regulated production environments, from the pharmaceutical industry to biotechnological facilities and beyond, digital transformation represents a critical step. Nymi aims to improve operational efficiency, secure data integrity, and enhance employee satisfaction—three pillars that are crucial for success in today's manufacturing landscape.

A central component of a digital transformation strategy is secure and efficient authentication. This poses a particular challenge in regulated production environments, yet it is fundamental for ensuring data integrity and supporting seamless workflows. Nymi enables password-less, contactless, and hands-free access that not only increases security but also enhances job satisfaction and saves valuable time.

Typical Use Cases:

  •  Tap-to-Login (logical access)
  • Tap-to-eSign (electronic access)
  • Tap-to-Enter (physical access)


Biometric Authentication with Nymi

Biometric authentication offers a promising solution tailored specifically to the unique password challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and other regulated production facilities. Successful biometric authentication requires GxP validation, robust security measures, and user-friendly functionality.

Nymi revolutionizes authentication with an innovative, operator-centered approach. Unlike traditional methods, the Nymi solution for connected workers facilitates continuous person-level authentication, enabling uninterrupted workflows.

Biometrische Authentifizierung Nymi

How Nymi Works:

Biometrische Authentifizierung: so funktioniert Nymi


Single Registration with Administrator


Single Daily Authentication


Usage for Full Access and Electronic Signatures Across Systems


Immediate Deauthentication When Not Worn

The Nymi Solution: The Connected Worker

The Nymi Band is a workplace wearable that is uniquely registered to an individual and then biometrically authenticated via a fingerprint. It combines biometric authentication, continuous authentication, and multi-factor authentication into a user-friendly wearable.

Product Features

  • Durability and cleanroom compatibility
  • GxP validations and regulatory compliance
  • Designed for the unique requirements of manufacturing and cleanroom environments
Nymi Connected Worker

The Nymi Connected Worker Platform

Nymi Connected Worker Plattform

The platform connects individuals with multiple applications, systems, and networks through a single authentication on the Nymi Band. This enables password-less, contactless, and hands-free authentication-based workflows.

Popular Nymi-enabled Integrations:

ERP: SAP via bioLock

LIMS: LabWare, LabVantage

MES/EBR: Rockwell PharmaSuite, Siemens OpCenter, PAS-X, POMS, Emerson Syncade

Historian: AspenTech

DCS: Emerson DeltaV, Siemens SIMATIC PCS7, ABB 800xA

QMS: MasterControl

HMI/SCADA: Siemens SIMATIC WinCC, Rockwell FactoryTalk PanelView SE, GE Digital iFIX

Consultation and Service

As a renowned system and development company, we develop cost-effective total solutions for you according to your individual needs - from advice and configuration to complete equipment with all the necessary components.