Enterprise Displays

Enterprise Displays

If you are looking for the most effective means of transmitting information quickly, Enterprise Displays are the right choice. Unlike ordinary screens, they have special features such as 24/7 continuous operation, special brightness levels and the ability to be oriented both horizontally and vertically.

Enterprise Displays offer a wide range of uses, including logistics. Use the robust and easy-to-use screens in your operation to display operational information or production orders in real time and in large format. This gives your employees and yourself an unprecedented overview - for more efficiency and new control options in logistics.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, you get up to 4K Ultra HD resolution for displays in a whole new dimension. Other features include a wide range of sizes as well as enterprise displays with and without touch function.

Key Benefits

  • Operating information is displayed
  • New production orders are displayed
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • More attention
  • No printing costs and more advertising space
  • Real-time customization
  • Professional look
  • Target groups and employees at the right time


Consultation and Service

As a renowned system and development company, we develop cost-effective total solutions for you according to your individual needs - from advice and configuration to complete equipment with all the necessary components.