powerswap nucleus litium power system

High Performance Lithium Battery

For many companies, the pressure to increase productivity while ensuring worker safety is higher than ever.

The new high performance lithium battery, is designed for industrial applications and offers many proven benefits. This rugged system has a lifespan of up to 7 years or 2,000 charge cycles.

The high capacity lithium battery can power desktop computers, large monitors, barcode scanners, thermal printers and even laser printers.


Lithium Environmental and Safety Aspects

The high-performance lithium battery also offers significant advantages over conventional batteries in terms of environmental aspects, as it does not contain any toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. As a result, it makes a significant contribution to green IT efforts. Lithium iron phosphate technology is also much more stable and also safer than conventional lithium ion or lithium polymer systems, as there is no risk of ignition in the event of overheating or mechanical abuse.

Outstanding Benefits

Extreme longevity

5 to 7 year battery life

High Performance Lithium Battery

Technical Information

  • Battery: 150 Ah, 12,8 V, provides up to 1920 Wh energy
  • Power: output max. 2000 W, pure sinus
  • Typical Hardware & Run Time: monitor, laptop, label printers, industrial thermal printers & scanners for 8 hour shift
  • Approximate Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Battery Dimensions (cm): 17 B x 49 D x 24 H
  • Battery Weight: approx. 20 kgs
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