TagSurveyor Fetch Robotics AMR


Increase efficiency in inventory tracking and auditing, in the shortest time possible

Lost or misplaced inventory can cost millions of dollars. Inventory "by hand" requires hours of work and is rarely done. Tagging goods with RFID immediately improves inventory tracking, increases accuracy and saves time. With TagSurveyor, you can increase the number of inventory counts and checks from once a month to several times a day, even in the largest warehouses. Warehouse and manufacturing facilities use TagSurveyor to keep track of their inventory at all times.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous flow and inventory tracking
  • Powerful data visualization to find misclassified inventory
  • Reporting tools to highlight discrepant inventory counts
  • Verification of inbound and outbound activity at docks
  • 24/7 automated data collection with autonomous charging

Product Features

  • Three RFID antennas for complete single-pass coverage
  • Accurate positioning for consistent and maximum tag detection
  • 82 degree sensor reach* to reach tagged items even on high shelves
  • Up to 7,6m read range*

*Reading range, coverage and sensitivity vary depending on environment, label placement and label density.

TagSurveyor Fetch Robotics AMR

Safety Functions

Uncompromising Safety

Collaborative, autonomous mobile robots are designed to work in close proximity to people. Safety should not be compromised in favor of efficiency.

All Fetch Robotics AMRs are equipped with some of the most advanced safety features in the industry. 2D LiDAR scanners with 25 m range enable mapping, localization, obstacle avoidance and object detection. Multiple 3D depth cameras provide cutting-edge robot vision to avoid both ground-level and overhanging dynamic obstacles such as forklifts, pallet jacks and people.

Fetch Robotics Safety Features

Important Workflows

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Permanent Inventory

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Verification of Real Stock

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Determine Inventory

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Asset Tag Tracking

Consulting and Service

As a renowned system and development company, we offer you cost-efficient end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your needs, from consulting and configuration through to the procurement of all required components.