RollerTop Guide

RollerTop Guide Fetch Robotics AMR

RollerTop Guide

Navigate through increased fulfillment demand and work challenges

Part of the new Fetch Fulfillment Solution, RollerTop Guide is a purpose-built solution for picking batch or wholesale items based on the proven RollerTop AMR system.

RollerTop Guide is designed to maximize productivity in picking operations where conveyors, sorters and other mechanized automation are used as part of the workflow. To improve collaboration between workers and robots, RollerTopo Guide is equipped with an adjustable top module with integrated touch screen, integrated barcode scanner and state-of-the-art intelligent LEDs.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize collaborative picking across multiple orders by dynamically matching workers with robots
  • Reduce the impact of labor shortages by increasing worker productivity and picking efficiency while reducing training time
  • Automatically transfer picked orders in totes or crates to conveyor-based workflows
  • Integration with existing stationary automation systems such as conveyors, sorters, or automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) systems
  • Reclaim up to 13% of warehouse space by removing conveyors, extending the life of a facility by up to 5 years while reducing cycle time

Product Features

  • Maximum payload weight of up to 73 kg
  • Interactive, glove-friendly and multilingual touchscreen
  • Integrated barcode scanner and NFC reader
  • USB hub for connecting custom peripherals
  • Intelligent multi-function LED system notifies pickers that the AMR is redady for a pick, on which side of the aisle the pick is located, and also in which bin or container the item to be picked should be placed
RollerTop Guide Fetch Robotics AMR
RollerTop Guide Fetch Robotics AMR

Autonomous Conveyor Belt Transfer

Automatic transfer of loads to conveyor belts

Picked orders in totes or bins can be automatically uploaded to motorized and non-motorized conveyors with RollerTop Guide. RollerTop Guide uses the same precision alignment technology as RollerTop to dock autonomously onto conveyors. These features help increase efficiency in facilities with existing conveyor workflows by allowing workers to focus on picking while RollerTop Guide handles transport, uploading totes and feeding empty totes back into the picking module.


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